2nd Northmead Cubs

2nd Northmead cubs meet every Tuesday evening at 7.00pm during school term. If you are considering joining, please contact the cubs leader (Akela), Andrew Selmes by phone on 9688 7958, or by email

Boys and girls who are considering joining the pack are invited to five cub nights. During this time they are known as new chums and take part in the activities of the pack. The new chums are expected to learn the cub scout law, the cub scout promise and to treat each cub and the leaders with respect and kindness.

The new chum wil, in turn, be treated with kindness and respect and will be made welcome into one of the pack’s sixes. The leader of the six (the sixer) will look after the new chum – ensuring they are involved in the pack’s activities and follow the correct procedures during opening and closing ceremonies.

At the end of five nights, the new chum may wish to join the pack. At this stage the new friend will need a cub scout uniform and will participate in the Investiture ceremony. At this ceremony, the new cub will recite the promise and the law, will receive their woggle and scarf, the badges of the pack, and will be accepted into their six with a pack yell .. a night no parent (or grandparent) will want to miss.

What is a cub scout ?

Cub scouts are young people usually aged between 7½ and 10½ years. They are helpful and can be trusted. They wear a uniform and attend meetings every week. The learn new things to help them as they grow up and work towards being a scout.

What do cub scouts do ?

Play games, gain badges, make the promise, look after themselves, go on outings and visits, go camping and learn about the outdoors, help others, go hiking, create things and become a scout.

Who are coub scout leaders ?

Your cub scout leaders are adults who have names taken from The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling. Akela is the leader and his/her assistants have names such as Baloo and Bagheera. These leaders spend much of their time planning games and thinking of exciting things for cubs to do at Pack meetings.

What is a six ?

A Six is a group of up to six cub scouts. A number of Sixes is called a Pack. Each cub scout wears a coloured patch of the Six on their left sleeve. One of the cub scouts in each Six is the leader – called the Sixer. The Sixer is helped by a Second. The Sixer and the Second help Akela make sure the pack lives up to the promise, behave themselves at meetings and outings and work together as a team.


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